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Superfly Soap!

So this is for those of you who have been asking where our soaps and lip balms have gone. Over the past 6 months we have grown as a company and as we have grown, our goals have changed. When we launched Vegan All Sorts our aim was to become a marketplace for vegan products and to offer everything and anything vegan, starting with confectionery. However, after the success of our original Mega Bag and all the additional that came along we had to think long and hard as to where our future laid.
Although it was hard as we loved the soaps and lip balms we have decided to keep it dirty and focus on building a successful, world wide recognised sweets brand.
But that's not all!
We know how much you loved our beauty products so we want to introduce you to not only the maker of the products but also a good friend of ours. Lisa is a successful business woman and close friend who hand makes all of her lovely products which are not only environmentally friendly but also vegan. She is great at what she does and we want people to be as fortunate as we are to know her.
For those who want to find her amazing products head over to Superfly Soap now and use code VEGANALLSORTS for 10% off your order.