Palm Oil Free Mega Bag

Palm Oil Free Mega Bag

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Our Palm Oil Free Mega Bag is a mixture of fizzy and fizz-free sweets and is packaged in biodegradable packaging which is fully compostable after 10 weeks.

We are proud to say that this Mega Bag is 100% environmentally friendly and another step towards our goal of having a minimal impact on the environment.

Palm oil heavily contributes to deforestation and is known as a driving force when it comes to  the endangering of species which causes extinction. For this reason we have released out palm oil free range with the Palm Oil Free Mega Bag being our 3rd edition to the family!

Our Palm Oil Free Mega Bag consists of;

Cola Bottles, Cherry Cola Bottles, Bubblegum Cola Bottles, Mini Cola Bottles, Mini Cherry Cola Bottles, Dummies, Fizzy Tongues, Big Strawberries, Small Strawberries, Blue Stars, Blue Babies, Twin Cherries, Rainbow Shocks, Watermelon Slices, Big Rainbow Shocks, Flying Saucers, Dracula Teeth, Strawberries, Painters, Mini Mix, Meerkats, Space Mix, Funky Fruit, Mermaids and American Hard Gums.

Sweet selection depends on availability.