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Sad Sweets 800g

Sad Sweets 800g

Vegan All Sorts
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Here at Vegan All Sorts we treat sweets like any other and we designed Sad Sweets to limit our waste while also being able to save sweets just like Polly from the dreaded dump. Yes, there may not be much variety or there may not be the sweets you want but that’s why we sell them at a discounted price and every penny made from the Sad Sweets goes to charity!

Polly and The Story of The Sad Sweets

Once upon a time there was a painter called Polly, now Polly was just like every other Painter except that Polly was broken. After losing a part of her brush in a fight with Molly the Mermaid, everyone knew what her future held. The rumours were told about what happened to all the broken sweets and Polly was frightened.

Now although Polly was just like any another Painter to her friends but being broken meant that she wouldn’t be able to fulfil her destiny. Polly like all the other Painters dreamed every night of being picked for the next Mega Bag but being broken meant that her chances were slim.

As the days came closer Polly knew her time was near and as she moved closer and close to the front of the shelf, her time to go in the mixer was here. Polly and the Painters were thrown into the mix with all the other fizz free sweets and as they spun around, they knew it was time. Everyone wished her good luck and tried to conceal their excitement and as they were thrown into the mix Polly closed her eyes and could only pray.

Polly had one eye open and was using her arm to try and cover her broken brush and as she looked up, she was grabbed by the packer. Polly screamed and thought surely this was it, her time was here, and she was going to where no sweet ever wants to go, the dreaded dump. As she flew through the air to Polly’s surprise as she opened her eyes, she wasn’t heading for the dump but for a Mega Bag, but this wasn’t just any regular Mega Bag, it was a bag of Sad Sweets. 

It was Polly’s lucky day and as she arrived in the Sad Sweets Bag, she was reunited with Michael the Meerkat who lost his head at the Mini Mix concert and many more of her broken friends from her days on the shelf. The rumour was nothing but a myth and thankfully she wasn’t destined for the dump but to a good home where Sad Sweets are treated just like any other.

 The End

Written by Dario Marini