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Christmas Sad Sweets Hamper
Christmas Sad Sweets Hamper

Christmas Sad Sweets Hamper

Vegan All Sorts
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Here at Vegan All Sorts we are always looking for ways to minimise our waste and if you're a veteran Vegan All Sorts fan then you will remember the story of the Sad Sweets.

We have now launched a very limited amount of our Sad Sweets Hamper which contains a bag of our Sad Sweets and a batch of Sad Cookies which has been made out of our Vegan All Sorts Mega Bars.

For those who are wondering what Sad Sweets are then you can find the story of Polly & The Sad Sweets on the back of our Sad Sweets Mega Bag.

There may not be much variety but that’s why we sell them at a discounted price and we have pledged for every bag of Sad Sweets sold we will plant a tree through the great charity work done by International Tree Foundation.