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Newsletter T's & C's

Win free Mega Bags, get exclusive discounts and find out what's new at the Hq!

If you have won a free bag this month already and you enter again and win we will cancel your order!

Simply sign up to our newsletter to win some amazing prizes but please first read the rules!


This step by step guide has been designed to give you the best chance to win a prize or get the discount you're looking for. Below is a step by step guide on how to make the most out of our newsletter and to make it a level playing field for not only the old but also the new subscribers!

1) Sign up to the newsletter

2) Look out for an email which will announce the upcoming newsletter or look out for announcements on social media.

3) You will receive a newsletter as an example at 8am but all codes will not be active until 8:15. This gives everyone an equal chance of winning the free bags or discount codes that are available as it gives you a chance to decide what your going to go for and what the answer is.

4) Choose what prize you are going to go for whether that be a free bag or a discount code and we shouldn't tell you this but you should always have your basket ready!

5) As soon as the clock strikes on the instructed time use the answer to the questions or the code provided at checkout. This will automatically deduct the money for the bag/discount and you can make a great saving.

6) If the code comes up as invalid it means it has either, already been used, been entered wrong or you have the answered wrong.

7) If you enter the code and it lets you buy the bag but did not deduct the discount which can happen in some cases, then contact our customers service team who will be more than happy to help you and can issue you a full refund which will be done immediately, we are more than happy to help.

8) All our codes are limited so choose wisely, of course a free bag will be more sought after than a 50% or 25% code so it's up to you to decide what your going to go for.

9) All spelling errors and mistakes in the newsletter are there for you to take advantage of. Each spelling mistake can be used at checkout to win a free bag but remember there will only be 1 code for each mistake so be quick!

10) So now you know how it works just a bit of advice, we also post codes regularly on Snap Chat as well as Instagram, so do keep an eye out and always read the newsletter because the information could giver you an answer to a question. We give you the window before the codes go active so you have time to prepare yourself.

So be prepared, always read the newsletter and don't worry if you have an issue our customer service team is more than happy to help!

Ps. All codes must be entered in CAPITALS!