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Vending Machines


From summer 2021 we will be increasing our offline interaction with our audience. We will be distributing fully branded vending machines featuring our core product range.

We will be placing these in key locations with a similar target audience to ours, giving our customers the opportunity to interact with our brand in exciting locations. We're eager to build strong and productive partnerships with like minded companies across all retail sectors.

We have a wide customer base that stretches across the UK, so no town or city is off limits. Our followers are used to sharing their experiences with our sweets (check out our stories!). Placing a vending machine in your location opens up our loyal Instagram followers to you, creating a passive advertising opportunity for your venue.

We are looking for attractive locations and businesses who would like to offer our amazing products to your customers. If this sounds like something that might fit your location then send us an email to the address below.

Our machines - Traditional with a twist

With a dedicated hashtag and QR code we can encourage our audience to tag your venue to be featured on our stories. 

Placing a vending machine in your location opens up additional opportunities for online competitions and giveaways as well as dedicated email and social campaigns with our followers.

Opportunities for co-branding are also available. Our machines are available in two sizes.

Vending Machine

What’s in the Machines

We are known for our Mega Bags, great for sharing and perfect for stocking up your home sweet supplies. At 800g, the mega bag can seem intimidating, this is why we created our mini mega range!  

Our vending machines will be filled with our smaller items; mini mega bags, 3rd party (branded) sweets and vegan chocolate bars

They are great for customers already familiar with our brand but work even better as an introduction to our product range for new customers.

Placement in key locations and a lower entry price point will help convert new customers into future loyal followers. 


  • We will fill and maintain all machines, so you don't have to
  • We guarantee excellent products but also an audience!
  • With our Vegan All Sorts branded vending machines you will be
    able to attract new customers while also being able to widen your product range at no cost to you

What are we looking for?

  • Exciting and interesting locations that fit our brand
  • Like Minded companies looking to grow and form a partnership


We have built two widely recognised brands, with a third on the way. Using a mix of influencers, competitions and creative marketing they have become a brand that encourages interaction from their loyal followers. 

We are well known for our online following but now is the time to expand into the physical world. We will soon be launching a dedicated stall in Londons St Pancreas station. As the visibility and following of our brand grows will continue to grow and we want you to be part of that journey. 

Our vending machines will be popping up in locations that fit the brand image and increase our offline visibility to our key target customers. 

Due to the interactive nature of our followers this creates a shared opportunity for additional promotion of your brand, while opening the door to additional opportunities for us to work together. 

If this is something that you think would work in your business then shoot us an email below.