Sad Sweets 800g

Sad Sweets 800g

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Since we launched Vegan All Sorts we have sold thousands of happy sweets to thousands of happy customers!

Unfortunately, in the process of bagging the sweets a lot of broken, sad sweets are left behind! 😣

Instead of throwing these Sad Sweets away we thought we’d find a way to re home them! 🏡

So we decided to launch our very on bag of Sad Sweets, some may say it’s just a bag of broken sweets but it’s so much more! 🙏

Sad Sweets is a way to limit our waste and a chance for you to re home them and save the sweets from the dreaded dump! ♻️

Every Friday we sell a limited amount of bags for a discounted price and we also run competitions for a chance to win them! 😉