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Shredded Cardboard 3kg

Shredded Cardboard 3kg

Vegan All Sorts
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Here at Vegan All Sorts we aim to limit our waste in every way we can. Weather we are up-cycling our pallets to make sofas or by saving our Sad Sweets from the dump, we are always coming up with ideas on how to minimise our impact on the environment.

Cardboard is our main culprit when it comes to waste so we decided to invest in a cardboard shredding machine so we can recycle our waste in house. We have now added shredded cardboard to our website for businesses to get this great packing material at an even better price. The price we charge for the cardboard does not even cover the machinery and labour but at least we are doing our bit.

For that reason we have decided to add our eco-friendly section to our website so you can help us manage our waste too.

Cardboard weighs approximately 3kg.