Gluten-Free Sweets

Gluten-Free Sweets


      Important Announcement

      If you see Wheat Starch on the back of your gluten-free bag don't be alarmed!

      Please Read!

      Gluten free wheat starch, also known as Codex wheat starch, is a specialist ingredient whereby the gluten has been removed to a trace level. It is used by some gluten free sweet manufacturers to improve the quality and texture of GF products, therefore, it must always appear in the ingredients list if it has been used. Gluten free wheat starch is a product of wheat, yet it is specially manufactured wheat starch. In essence, the wheat starch is washed so that the level of gluten is within the Codex standard of 20 parts per million (ppm). Under UK law, you can be sure that any product labelled 'gluten free' contains 20 parts per million of or less of gluten — and is a safe level for people following a gluten free diet. With 20 parts per million, it's also suitable for consumption by people with coeliac disease. We do, however, have to list wheat starch in bold in the ingredient list.

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