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  • Not just for Vegans!

    So last week we re-launched a limited amount our Sad Sweets and as we promised this Friday we will be donating to the International Tree Foundation and plant 50 trees.
  • What Chocolate Is Vegan?

      Before we began looking at the various vegan chocolate options, we think it’s best to start by detailing the process of making chocolate. The coc...
  • Chocolate Coated Strawberries by Vegan All Sorts!

    What better way to start the week than with some of our very own chocolate covered strawberries by Vegan All Sorts. We love to come up with simple but yet effective ways of making the most of our products and this one's a keeper!

  • Vegan All Sorts X Sourced Market

    It's time for the team at Vegan All Sorts to come from behind the screens and hit the streets! Thanks to Sourced Market, we will be launching our ...
  • It's Easy Being Vegan With Vegan Easy!

    The aim of Vegan Easy is to help in promoting Veganism and showing people that there are nice dishes to be made you just have to know what you're doing.
  • This Rise of Vegan Retro Sweets

    Whether it's for ethical, environmental or health reasons, more and more people adopt vegan lifestyles. And while some may assume that this means you have to give up your favourite foods - think again!
  • Sad Sweets Means Happy Trees!

    Here at Vegan All Sorts we are always looking for ways to minimise our waste and if you're a veteran Vegan All Sorts fan then you will remember th...
  • Vegan Hot Chocolate Heaven!

    We wanted to show you how to make the most of the products in your Easter Hamper. Here we have our very own Hot Chocolate topped with marshmallows using our Hot Chocolate Spoon and finished off with some grated Oreo Chocolate.

  • Is There Sugar In Syrup?

    Here at Vegan All Sorts we stick to the main 4 food groups; Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn & Syrup. Although we know it's not Christmas, here at Vegan All Sorts it's Christmas all year round.

  • Vegan All Vending!

    What we can guarantee you is not only excellent products but also an audience. With our Vegan All Sorts branded vending machines you will be able to attract new customers while also being able to widen your product range at no cost to you.
  • Vegan Cocktails X All Shook Up!

    Whether you're catching up with friends for a picnic, movie night or just fancy a special cocktail to celebrate a sunny Saturday afternoon, All Shook Up have a huge variety of exciting flavours and mixes
  • Vegan Milkshake Anyone?

    Here at Vegan All Sorts we wanted to be able to share with you simple vegan recipes and to start it off we have our very own vegan milkshakes.