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  • Superfly Soap!

    So this is for those of you who have been asking where our soaps and lip balms have gone. Over the past 6 months we have grown as a company and as we have grown, our goals have changed. When we launched Vegan All Sorts our aim was to become a marketplace for vegan products and to offer everything and anything vegan, starting with confectionery. However, after the success of our original Mega Bag.................
  • The Monster Mega Bag Came Just In Time For Halloween!

    So with Halloween fast approaching we decided to launch our biggest bag ever, The Monster Mega Bag. We also launched an amazing competition to win the 2kg bag which is taking place now on our Insta and ends on Friday.
  • Catch Us At Vegan Nights!

    At the end of this month we have some amazing news for you. Not only is it Halloween but we are fast approaching world Vegan Day and we are also going to be attending Vegan Nights on the 31st of October. Vegan Nights is being hosted in Londons affluent Shoreditch and is.....
  • HB Cases

    Next week we are partnering up with HB Cases to give you a chance to win a Vegan All Sorts HB suitcase with some Vegan All Sorts goodies. Look out ...
  • 7 Sins Tattoo Studio Meets Vegan All Sorts

    This week 7 Sins Tattoo Studio turned into something out of a movie set to get some shots done for the upcoming Vegan Life magazine! The article is about the collaboration of 7 Sins and Vegan All Sorts and how 7 Sins aims to turn their studio into a vegan friendly one!
  • Marnie Launches Jersey Girl!

    This week Jersey Girl launched and with that they released their first clothing line. The launch day was a massive success and we can't wait to see...