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Vegan All Sorts started with a couple of friends who wanted to change the sweet industry once and for all.
Vegan All Sorts was made to give you a chance to satisfy your sweet tooth with no harm being done along the way! 

Together we can make a difference!
Being vegan is not a diet or a trend, it a conscious choice to make a difference.
We don't believe in extremism when it comes to Veganism and thats why we stress the fact that our sweets are not just for vegans. If everyone made a conscious effort to make a different the world would simply be a better place. For those who are vegan lets all remember that for the majority of us one day we weren't too, so lets not criticise those who are trying to make an effort. We are an open minded bunch at Vegan All Sorts, always looking to expand and network. We believe life is easier if we help each other out along the way. If you want to contact us about collaborations, stocking our products or becoming a brand ambassador don't hesitate to contact us below!