Are Our Vegan Sweets Kosher?

If your question is whether our vegan sweets are Kosher, the answer is yes.

The Kosher laws prohibit the cross contamination of milk and meat and seeing as we are a vegan sweets brand you have absolutely nothing to worry about. That said, depending on how closely you follow the Kshrut, your opinion may differ.

Vegan food in general is Kosher but the picking and packing of our vegan sweets is not done under Kosher supervision nor do we use Kosher equipment.

If you're looking for Kosher sweets, we may the perfect shop for you, but again, it depends entirely on how you follow the Kashrut, as your opinion may differ. If you have any questions about the ingredients in our products or wish to speak to a member of our team, we're always on hand to answer your questions. 


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