Where is the Sour Belt Bag?

For those who are asking where is the Sour Belt Bag, where is the Blue Magic Mega Bag we have an answer for you...

Our Limited Products from now are only available at certain times of the month, for a chance to get your hands on these products you must be signed up to The Drop or it will simply be too late!

Click here to sign up now...

You can also get some of our Mega Bags cheaper buy buying a Happy version, to read up on our Happy Mega Bags please click here!

If you purchase one of our Limited Edition products you are automatically entered into our Golden Ticket prize draw where once a month we will be sending out a Golden Ticket in one lucky persons order who will receive a £100 voucher!

If you receive a GOLDENTICKET simply take a picture and send it to us and we will send you out an amazing prize!

Remember all of our Limited Bags are limited so once they are gone, they are gone!

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