Chocolate Coated Strawberries by Vegan All Sorts!

 What better way to start the week than with some of our very own chocolate covered strawberries by Vegan All Sorts.

We love to come up with simple but yet effective ways of making the most of our products and this one's a keeper!

1) Melt one of our vegan chocolate bars!

2) Crush the desired biscuits of your choice!

3) Grab yourself some juicy strawberries and get dipping. Use your melted chocolate to give you a sticky layer and then simply dip into the crushed biscuits!

Pop them in the fridge to set the chocolate or if you can't wait then tuck straight in!


& there you have it, your very own Vegan All Sorts chocolate coated strawberries in 3 simple steps!

Keep an eye out for more of our amazing recipes and with Vegan Easy on the horizon there's a lot more where that came from!

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