From sad, melted chocolate to oh so a-peel-ing!

Vegan All Sorts are always looking at ways to rescue sad sweets. Our latest creation is a reflection of this commitment to save all things delicious — even when they're not looking their best. 

This week we discovered various bars of chocolate had unfortunately melted at Vegan All Sorts HQ, however, we were determined to create something beautiful... so say hello to our Chocolate Apples, looking sharp for Halloween! 🤩

A Halloween Icon 🎃

'Candy apples' are now synonymous with Halloween and have been for decades, with Toffee Apples and Chocolate Apples popular here in the UK and around the world. Not many people know this, but the candy apple that we know and love today wasn't actually created to be enjoyed as a sweet treat! 

Confectionery maker William W. Kolb is credited with inventing the first candy apple, supposedly experimenting with red cinnamon flavoured sweets to sell during the festive period. As a result, to entice customers, he dipped apples on sticks into the red glaze and displayed them proudly in his shop window — just as an eye-catcher to bring people into the shop. Rumour has it that a passer-by tucked into the snack and loved it! Kolb realised that the sweet fruits could be popular on their own, and over time, they became rather popular, with many people giving them out to trick-or-treaters during Halloween.

If you'd like to see more of our Halloween creations, be sure to check out our Vegan Halloween Sweets. You'll find everything you could possibly need for the long spooky nights ahead! 

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