How our Sad Bags save you money and shape a sustainable future!

There are many ways in which we can all do more to protect our planet, from 'going vegan' to recycling, reducing waste, using renewable energy, donating used items and growing our own produce. At Vegan All Sorts HQ, we're always discussing, as a team, how we can minimise our impact on the environment individually and as a leading vegan confectionery store.

Sad Bags: Help us, help you, help the planet.

You've probably come across our Sad Sweets before, which always go down very well with our regular customers. Essentially, any broken sweets that don't match up to our impeccable standards are sold at a discounted price! Whenever we add Sad Bags to our website, we sell out very quickly, and it's thanks to you! Now, we have a similar cost-saving, sustainable product in town: Sad Bags!

When you go to buy (or learn more about) our Fizzy or Fizz Free Mega Bags, you'll be offered an additional dropdown option upon placing an order. This also applies to our Mega Bags. By selecting "Sad Bags" your delicious bag of vegan sweets will be £1 less. Why? Because we will package the sweet in a "Sad Bag" (which is a bag that's perfectly fine and re-sealable as always but has the incorrect product name on the front) such as "BonBon Mega Bag" or "Cola Mega Bag".

In short, by purchasing one of our Sad Bags you will receive the desired sweets you have ordered but in a different bag to help us minimise waste whilst giving you a great discount too. Remember all our ingredients are available on our website should you require this information.

Whether you love tremendously tangy sour belts, adore tongue painters or love our big juicy strawberry retro sweets, you'll find the perfect blend for your tastebuds by selecting a Mega BagFizzy Mega Bag or Fizz Free Mega Bag – and who doesn't want to save a quid and help the planet at the same time?

We'd like to thank all of the people who have already ordered our Sad Bags. It's great to see our packaging being used without any prospect of it going to waste and it's all thanks to you! If you haven't already you can grab your Sad Bag of sweets today!

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