Limited Edition Sweets: Deliciously tangy Sour Belt Bags

Vegan All Sorts is pleased to announce that we’ve launched our limited edition Sour Belt Bag, which is packed with variety of colourful belts, each carrying an immense zing that will tantalise your taste buds.

If you’re looking for a mouth-watering bag of sweets that are very much like a funfair in your mouth, then our Sour Belt Bag is ideal. They're soft and stretchy with a sugary taste that will leave you longing for more. Why not order yourself a bag today before they all run out? We’re sure you’ll love them as well as we do!

A rainbow of sugary goodness!

The medley of belts includes Apple, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Cola. Because the Sour Belt Bag is part of our limited edition Collection, you are automatically entered into our prize draw, giving you the opportunity to win a Golden Ticket and receive an amazing prize!

Having heard such amazing feedback over the years (with people absolutely loving the sour belts in our Mega Bags), we wanted to introduce a bag that’s 100% devoted to belts of all flavours and colours. We’ve also added Cola Belts to our Cola Mega Bags and Strawberry Belts to our Strawberry Mega Bag!

If you’ve had chance to take a look at the collection on our homepage, you’ll have seen plenty of new additions to the Vegan All Sorts line-up, but as always, we’re eager to hear your thoughts and ideas. If there’s a new bag you’d like us to create, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line as we’re eager to expand our collection and bring you the best vegan sweets in the world!

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