Vegan Milkshake Anyone?

If you have been scrolling through our Instagram posts recently, you may have seen our Mega Bar Milkshakes, beautifully topped off with a mountain of moreish,  mellow marshmallows.

Since our vegan sweets journey began, we’ve tried out a lot of recipes for all kinds of vegan treats, desserts, meals and snacks. We'll be sharing many of these with you in the coming weeks and months, however, we wanted to start with our incredibly simple vegan milkshake recipe.


  • One of our 6 delicious Mega Bars.
  • 3 scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream.
  • 120ml of dairy-free milk.
  • 6 biscuits (Oreo, Jammie Dodger, Party Ring, Lotus Biscoff, Bourbon)
  • Frozen banana (if you want your Vegan All Shake to be extra thick!)


1) Get all your ingredients ready!

2) Put your Mega Bar and all of your other ingredients into the blender.

3) Blend it up and serve it — it's that easy.

There you have a simple, delicious Vegan All Shake that's perfect for a hot summer's day — which hopefully won't be too far away! 

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