Say hello to our sister company: Lollipups

Here at Vegan All Sorts, we know we have plenty of dog parents who connect with us on social media! Whether you're the proud owner of a Labrador Retriever, French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Springer Spaniel, Golden Retriever or German Shepherd, quality dog treats are hard to find!

We get it. You want your furry friend to feel loved and the question is not "if", but rather "when" will he or she get tired of the same dry and bland dog snacks? Our sister company Lollipups has completely changed the game in this respect, bringing you a variety of paw-some treats such as:

The Doggy Bag

The Doggy Bag is packed with Strawberry Jazzies, Chocolate Jazzies, White Chocolate Fish & Chips, Chocolate Buttons, Chocolate Mice, Mini Jazzies & finished off with some Peanut Butter Paws.


Celebrate your pooch's birthday or any happy occasion with either our Chocolate or Vanilla Topped Pawty Cake. This doggy delightful occasion cake of sponge is topped with playful blue yoghurt and bordered with crunchy bone-shaped biscuits.


A bite-sized Trio of mini iced woofins, 2 vanilla and 1 carob sponge — each decorated with a dash of our famous yoghurt topping and finished with a “Spot the dog” approved bone.

Cheesy Pupcorn

Their Cheesy Pupcorn is perfect for movie nights — Lassie anyone? A natural, easily digestible product that complements your small animal's normal daily food intake as an occasional or regular treat.

Finding the spectacular doggy treats just got a whole lot easier!

Lollipups' new gourmet selection of doggy delights has been carefully sourced to bring your canine a safe, exciting and ingenious little collection of tasty treats that will have them howling for more! Visit to learn more!

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