Terrifyingly Tasty: The Halloween Collection is here! 🎃 💀 🧛

The Vegan All Sorts resident Witch has been busy brewing up a cauldron of creepy candy with satisfying flavours for little monsters and ghoulish grown ups!

Do you dare to indulge? 👀

The Monster Mega Bag has been flying off the shelf since it was launched and it's packed with scarily scrumptious Halloween characters like Bobbing Apples, Blue Mummies, Cola Skulls, Cool Melon Skulls, Dracula Teeth, Fizzy Dracula, Mini Fizzy Tongues, Witches Broomsticks and Fizzy Worms — all topped with Devils Tails.

Our Spooky Cookie Hamper is as fearsome as it is freshly baked, with nine Halloween decorated cookies for any vegan Vampire.

The Spooky Pizza Cookie stands out from the rest with spine-tingling centrepiece stamped with "Happy Halloween 🕷" — making it perfect for petrifying parties and ghastly gatherings.

The Vegan All Sorts & Chillz Hamper is perfect for a spooky night in watching back to back horror films. It's the perfect blend of devilish Halloween themed sweets and iconic favourites!  

Looking to top up on your Trick or Treat candy? The Mega Party Box is ideal, with either 25 or 50 200g Mini Megas!

We hope you enjoy our ghoulishly good Halloween Sweets! As always, feast while you can because these are all limited edition products!

We witch you the best Halloween! 🧙‍♀️

 vegan halloween sweets

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