The Best Vegan Brownies Just Landed – Decadent, Fudgy, Perfect...

We’ve been behind-the-scenes developing new recipes in recent weeks, introducing a series of scrumptious confectionary to the Vegan All Sorts collection. So, without further ado, say hello to vegan brownies — fudgy, gooey, moreish squares of mellow chocolate, topped with the crunch of a quality biscuit. 

Our Brownie Hamper is a box of 12 brownies with Oreo, Party Ring, Bourbon and Biscoff. They’ve been a major hit at the HQ and we’ve carefully developed the recipe to give you the ultimate indulgent brownies with deep chocolate in every square.


These are by far the best vegan brownies you can buy, and each one is neatly sealed in its own bag and placed in the hamper box. Whether you want to share with friends, spread out the joy over the course of a week, or keep them aside for the sunshine and devour them with an iced coffee when the sun is shining, you can tuck into them whenever you please!

When you buy from Vegan All Sorts, you’re not only guaranteed cruelty free brownies that are rich, indulgent, and 100% free from eggs, dairy and animals. Whether you’re looking for gourmet brownies, vegan brownies or vegetarian brownies, our hamper will meet your needs, whilst they make for an ideal gift. So if your friend’s birthday is coming up, or you just want to treat a love one, we can have some freshly made brownies delivered to their door! All boxes of Brownies are freshly baked to order and delivered within 2-3 working days.

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