The Blue Magic Mega Bag: A Dream Come Blue 💙

Life's blue short. We felt it was time to launch a Mega Bag that stands out from the crowd, with tantalising flavours and one critical detail in common, every sweet in the bag is a shade of blue!

Whether it's your favourite colour or looking for a bag of sweets that will perk you up on a rainy day or impress your friends, this bag is one you'll want to dive into right away. Don't let the single colour fool you; you'll have tons of divine vegan sweets to devour, including: 

  1. Blue Stars
  2. Blue Babies
  3. Blue Raspberry Belts
  4. Blueberry & Raspberry Ovals
  5. Bubblegum Cola
  6. Blue Raspberry BonBons
  7. Mermaids
  8. Tongue Painters
  9. Tongue Painter Dummies

If you purchase one of these Limited Edition bags, you're automatically entered into our Golden Ticket prize draw where once a week, we'll be sending out a Golden Ticket in one lucky person's order! If you receive a GOLDEN TICKET, simply take a picture and send it to us, and we will send you a fantastic prize!

Blue and far between – there's no bag of pick n mix like it!

At Vegan All sorts HQ, we're always striving to make a difference, bringing you bags of sweets that not only look the part and taste amazing but lift your spirits and give you a real sense of nostalgia. We're also on a mission to show that veganism can be fun, so what better way to experiment and test your taste buds than with your first bag of vegan sweets. Our incredible Blue Magic Mega Bag is available for a limited time only, so don't blue yourself – grab one while you still can!

Blue vegan pick n mix for your sugar fix

Whether you're placing your order with us for the first time or returning to our online store to try something new, the Blue Magic Mega Bag is perfect, leaving you wanting to experience that good feeling over and over again. This limited edition bag is currently in stock and ready to be shipped. We'd hate to be the bearer of bad blues, so don't miss out! You can place your order quickly and easily online. We also added Retro Sweet Jars to our star-studded lineup recently, and you can learn more about these here:

Thanks again for helping us on our journey. Every bag of sweets you order makes a meaningful difference to our business, and we can't thank you enough!

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