The History of Pick and Mix

Pick and mix is a type of confectionery that allows customers to choose their own selection of sweet treats, ranging from fizzy gummies, bon bons, caramels, hard candy and more. These types of sweets are often found in supermarkets, cinemas, and other food outlets. 

So, where did it all begin?

The history of Pick and Mix sweets in the UK starts with Frank Winfield Woolworth, an American businessman who founded the F.W. Woolworth Company and created the concept of the pick and mix sweet shop. He was born in 1852 in New York and began his working life as a clerk in a local store. He soon realised that he could buy products in bulk and sell them at a lower price than his competitors, so he opened his first UK Woolworths store in Church Street, Liverpool, in 1909, and by the early 1920s, there were over 200 stores across the country.

One of the most popular features of Woolworths was the pick and mix sweet counter, which allowed customers to choose their own selection of sweets from toffees to boiled sweets, chocolates and mints for a price of two pence for a quarter pound. The pick and mix concept was so successful that other stores began to copy it, and by the 1930s, Woolworths was known as the go-to sweet shop in Britain and Ireland. Customers were amazed by the number of different sweets on display and the number of sweets that could be crammed into their bags for little money. And by the 1950s, Woolworths finally accepted the nickname Pick n Mix, given by its customers.

The pick and mix sweet counter became even more popular in the 1960s when a new generation of sweet manufacturers began to produce sweets in a wide range of colourful and exotic flavours. These unique sweets were often much more expensive than the traditional pick and mix sweets, but they were hugely popular with customers. In the 1970s, Woolworths began to sell pick and mix sweets in its stores across the United States, and the company soon became the biggest retailer of pick and mix sweets in the world.

Us Brits love em'!

Today, the pick and mix sweet counter is a staple of British culture and can be found in most major food outlets. Whether you like your sweets sour, sweet, or somewhere in between, there's a pick and mix selection for you. With its combination of value, variety, and fun, it's no wonder that pick and mix have become such a popular treat!

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