Tis’ the season to be Vegan! 💚 ⛄️

Here at Vegan All Sorts, we know that having a variety of sweet treats at Christmas is a must. Whilst not everyone may be vegan, our merry medley of festive sweets are full of flavour — fantastic for all the family to enjoy!  

❄️  Santa loves our Christmas 2kg Mega Bag and so will you — it's right up your street (and into your letterbox). With 2kg of fizzy and fizz-free sweets, you'll find the perfect flavour, texture and sweetness. It's perfect for sharing and is sure to get you and your family rocking around the Christmas tree. 

❄️  It wouldn’t be Christmas without watching some classics movies, and there is only one way to outdo Elf with his spaghetti (topped with the four main food groups  — "candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup") and that's with our Christmas Movie Hamper. A Hamper filled with an 800g Christmas Mega Bag, 200g Christmas Mini Mega with Christmas style sweets, an Oreo Tub, a Chocolate Stirrer, a Christmas Lolly, a Biscoff Dip & Go, Apple Rings, Sour Punch Bites and of course Candy Canes!

❄️  Need some Christmas vegan sweetsYou’re just in the (Saint) Nick of time. The Mega Christmas Collection Hamper contains 6 mini festive bags of tasty goodness, including 200g Fizz Free Mega Bag, Fizzy Mega Bag, Bubs Fizzy Mega Bag, Bubs Mega Bag, Cola Mega Bag, Gluten Free Mega Bag and Bon Bon Mega Bag. Perfect for sharing out or pacing your sweet fix over the festive season.

Let's face it. It would be Rude-olph you not to treat your guests to these delicious festive favourites! 


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