Veganuary... Introducing Our Happy Bags!

With Veganuary on the horizon we wanted to do our bit by introducing our Happy Mega Bags but what does this mean.

Here at Vegan All Sorts we are always looking for ways to limit our impact on the environment and every year we look at where we can improve. Once thing you may have noticed as a Vegan All Sorts customer is that we switched from having each individual bags name on the front to having one generic bag for all but why did we do this...

We made the choice to stick to one bag to limit our waste, we came to find that the bags that did not sell as well ended up being left behind and we were left with many bags of packaging that were simply not being used.

Now although we have switched to one generic bag we need your help to tackle the issue, as we still have a large amount of packaging that is currently waiting to be re-homed. So we have decided this January with your help to limit our waste while making it a slight bit cheaper for you too.

As of today if you purchase a Mega Bag, Fizzy Mega Bag, Fizz Free Mega Bag or any of our Limited Edition Bags you can chose to receive your Mega Bag in a Happy Bag which is simply and alternative type of packaging. Please remember that all of our ingredients are online so don't be alarmed if the packaging you receive is different to what you ordered don't be alarmed the sweets are the same and if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can limit our waste at Vegan All Sorts then please email...

We wanted to thank you for all your support over the Christmas period and apologise on the issues we have had with Evri we are as frustrated as some of you are. We are making some changes coming into the New Year and we will be updating you on them over the next few days on our New Years resolutions blog!

We hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for helping us, while also helping the environment this Veganuary!

Happy Bags, Happy Customers, Happy Environment!

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