What Pick & Mix Sweets Are Vegan?

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan or simply want to reduce your meat consumption and explore confectionery that's kinder to people, animals and the environment, we have plenty of delicious vegan pick and mix sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth and lift your mood!

If you've visited our website in the past, you'll know that our vegan-friendly treats are super easy to find and buy. At Vegan All Sorts, we save you the time of checking labels in your local supermarket's confectionary aisle, bringing you the best, tastiest vegan pick and mix sweets online. Order within seconds from the comfort of your own home!

What do you need to avoid?

Obviously plants (such as vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits) and plant-based foods make up a vegan diet. There are plenty of plant-based alternatives to gelatine, such as agar agar, carrageenan, and vega gel, as well as fruit, sugars, and syrups, which are often used to make vegan sweets.

Many mainstream (non-vegan) sweet brands sell products containing gelatine, beeswax, and dairy milk powder, which are among the ingredients to avoid if you're vegan. Perhaps the major one is gelatine, used in almost all sweets because it serves as a gelling agent, allowing ingredients to bond together, maintain their shape, and have a longer shelf life. Gelatine is traditionally made from the skin and bones of animals (pig and cow) and is always going to be on the list of ingredients to avoid!

What are the best vegan pick n mix options?

Gigantic Bags

Our vegan pick n mix Mega Bags brings you vegan candy, mixed cola bags, cherry cola bottles, mini pencils, twin cherries, fizzy dummies and tongue painters, yet you can 'Make a Mega Bag', where you handpick your favourites. Whatever bag you choose, one thing is sure: "once you start, you can't stop".

Bubs (Gluten-Free)

If you've never experienced bubs, don't delay! These are delicious vegan sweets with a distinct flavour and feel. Not only is our Bubs line vegan, but it's also gluten-free. From Lingonberry Foams to Mini Raspberry Rombs and Sour Octopuses, you'll find the perfect blend for your tastebuds!

Mini Megas

Much like our Mega Bags but smaller in size! These bags are ideal if you can't get all your favourite vegan sweets in a 100/200g Mini Mega. So if you fancy a sweet treat on the side of your big bag, we have you covered! It's also a great way to test out new flavours without committing to a bigger bag.


What a collection! We've developed this range to include six of the best chocolate bars you could ever get your hands on (whether you're vegan or not!). With a Lotus Chocolate Bar, Skittles Chocolate Bar, Jammy Dodger Chocolate Bar, Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar, Party Ring Chocolate Bar, and finally, our highly sought-after Bourbon Chocolate Bar, we have you covered.


The first thing you might think about when you hear "fudge" is the delicious, rich, and creamy sweets that melt in your mouth. We'll be the first to admit that vegan fudge lacked the right flavour and texture many years ago — but it’s come a long way! Still, as you'll experience when you shop this collection, you can now stock up on moreish vegan vanilla Fudge, Chocolate Fudge, Salted Caramel Fudge and Coconut Ice, and even Turkish Delight with absolutely no comprise on flavour!

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