What Sweets Can Vegans Eat In The UK?

It used to be pretty difficult to find vegan sweets because most of the bags you'd find in supermarkets, corner shops and cinemas contained gelatine (including pick n mix). Gelatine is a gelling agent that's derived from animals. It's a protein obtained by boiling animal skin, tendons, ligaments or bones with water. Even if you're not vegan, it can be beneficial to avoid gelatine because it can cause an unpleasant taste, feelings of heaviness in the stomach, bloating, heartburn, and belching. Gelatine can also cause allergic reactions in some cases.

Fortunately, many big confectionary brands have removed this ingredient — so you're free to purchase sweets that are suitable for vegans, but what about finding the best tasting vegan sweets at the most competitive prices? Vegan All Sorts has an extensive collection of vegan sweets, with everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, including:

Mega Bags

All of your favourite retro pick n mix sweets, including Bubblegum Cola Bottles, Fizzy Dummies, Rainbow Shocks and Tongue Painters. You can even choose our "Make a Mega Bag" and pick your own mix.

Vegan Cookies

Our Cookies Hamper come in a box of 9 cookies, Oreo, Party Ring, Bourbon & Biscoff. These were only launched recently but have seen plenty of love across our socials. Just remember, there are a very limited amount of vegan cookies, so don't miss out!


Our vegan sweet hampers are growing by the day. We now offer a Gluten-Free Hamper, a Retro Hamper Box, A Cookies Hamper and The Mega Collection Hamper. Whether your mate's birthday is on the horizon or you fancy a treat that will last you the whole weekend (and then some), we have plenty of delicious vegan confectionary available! 

Limited Editions Bags

Our limited edition sweet bags are booming, with Cherry, Strawberry and Melon Madness all up for grabs! What's great is that when you buy a Limited Edition Bag, you are automatically entered into our Golden Ticket prize draw (where once a week we will be sending out a Golden Ticket in your order!).

The home of vegan sweets

Vegan All Sorts has shaken up the confectionary sector, delivering refreshing vegan sweets that look lush, taste divine and give you the satisfying sweetness you need, putting a spring in your step! All of our sweets have been crafted with care — and they are completely free from cruelty. We provide the widest selection of vegan sweets in the UK, and as you can see when you explore our products, the range is only getting bigger!

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