Vegan All Sorts

      Vegan sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth!

      Vegan All Sorts has shaken up the confectionary world industry with delectable, guilt-free vegan sweets that are sure to put a spring in your step! Every Mega Bag, Mini Mega or sweet hamper is lovingly crafted — completely free of cruelty. We have the most extensive vegan confectionary selection in the UK, including huge retro cola bottles, sour belts, fizzy strawberries, Dracula teeth, tongue painters and watermelon slices.

      Mouthwatering vegan pick & mix: It's fresh, safe, tasty, and 100% cruelty-free

      We offer a wide range of vegan hamper boxes, gluten-free sweets, chocolate, fudge and Mega Bags (800g or 2kg), as well as Mini Megas and Bubs (200g). We have you covered whether you're stocking up for your movie night, hoping to impress your best buddy with a bliss birthday treat, or just looking for a delish bag of sweets to keep your confectionary cupboard topped up, we have you covered!

      A tantalising variety of vegan sweets

      We cater for a wide range of dietary restrictions, including vegan, gluten free sweets, kosher and halal sweets, plus we print all of our ingredients on our product packaging for total peace of mind. We understand just how critical it is to get the best vegan sweets at the lowest possible prices with rapid delivery nationwide. Therefore, we've built our service around your needs, ensuring you can quickly and easily order the best quality confectionery all year round.

      Our incredibly popular vegan sweets have taken the confectionery industry by storm. From cheat days to lazy Sunday evenings, picnics in the park, "hard at work" days and "Netflix and chill" nights, you'll find more than a few bliss bags of sweets on our website! We're also always happy to answer any queries you may have about the ingredients in our foods or the manufacturing processes involved, while you can explore all of our most recent reviews on our website

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