250 Trees Planted... And Counting! 🌱 🌳 🌲

Vegan All Sorts are always looking for ways to minimise our waste and fight back against deforestation.

When you buy a bag of Sad Sweets, we plant one tree. So not only do you get a delicious bag of sweets at a great price, you also contribute to a good cause at the same time!

What are Sad Sweets?

Sad Sweets are not always in stock, so you do have to grab them fast! However, they're essentially broken or misshapen sweets that did not quite make it into our main product collections. That's not to say that they don't taste great. We think you'll agree that it would be such a waste to simply destroy them when they're perfectly scrumptious. Our Sad Sweets may also contain sweets that have been discontinued, so every bag is entirely unique and available at the bargain price of £6.99 (at the time of writing).

Every bag of Sad Sweets we sell is fantastic news because we will plant a tree, thanks to the fantastic charity work carried out by International Tree Foundation (ITF). The ITF works every day to:

  • plant trees and restore forests
  • strengthen community and ecosystem resilience
  • provide sustainable fuel, food and medicine for households and markets.

We're incredibly proud to have supported them, and since our story began we've planted over 250 trees! Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks as we may be adding plenty of Sad Sweets back on our website — so stay tuned and grab the stock while you can!


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